Dispatches from Novus Earth is about making Zed Run fun and is never financial advice. Virtual horses can bring you tears of joy, sadness and financial loss.

Welcome to Dispatches from Novus Earth! I hope to provide a good read for anybody interested in Zed, whether you are Zed-curious and haven’t even purchased your first horse or you run a monster stable.

This will be a place to find strategy content, discuss the state of the game, get to know the people in our community and just generally pointless stuff that maybe you’ll find entertaining.

Any strategy content is generally going to be geared toward those who understand the basics, but are looking to go from casual player to profitable player.

Maybe you’ve read the Zed Run Guide and understand the difference between a Nak and a Buterin.  You probably own a horse or a few and have done some racing, but you want to get more serious and start having some Zed success.

Being a person of exceptionally average intelligence myself, I don’t have a whole lot to offer to the sharpest players in the game, but I have been able to turn Zed into a profitable and enjoyable venture myself and want to help others do the same.

If you are interested in getting involved in Dispatches from Novus Earth or just want to talk Zed, reach out to me on Twitter: @donkeykongdad0 or Discord: DK Racing#0836.

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Trying to make Novus Earth a better place, one donkey at a time. DK runs the Zed Run stable DK Racing, as well as VOLT Racing with a few buddies.